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All about Bryant Housewise Thermostats

Smart electronics have brought interconnectivity to previously undreamt of levels, and Bryant Housewise thermostats provide the perfect example of this revolutionary trend at work in the HVAC field.

What would it be like if you owned one? Let’s take a closer look at what the Housewise could do for you …

The Smartest Thermostat Ever?

Programmable thermostats have been around for a while, but none offer the same degree of interactivity as the Bryant Housewise. Unlike conventional programmable units, the Housewise thermostat has been brought fully online to allow for remote access via home Wi-Fi networks.

From your laptop, Mac, PC or smart phone, you could connect with your Bryant Housewise thermostat through a downloadable app that facilitates total control and comprehensive system monitoring from any location. So if you were out and about and wanted to return to a home heated or cooled to a particular temperature, you could contact your Housewise to let it know what time you planned to come back and it would coordinate your HVAC system’s activities appropriately.

If you installed a Bryant Housewise thermostat to control and monitor your HVAC system, a mountain of valuable information would be literally no further than a fingertip away. Current indoor temperatures, outdoor weather conditions (plus future forecasts), statistics about recent energy use including numbers processed in real-time, comparative analysis of past energy consumption patterns, timer functions, energy-saving recommendations—any and all could be pulled up for prominent display at any time. And with the Housewise basic programming functions are always a snap.

With help from the Housewise, you could customize your home’s heating and cooling activities right down to the second, making it far easier for you to avoid energy waste and inefficiency in every circumstance.

Installation and Use

There is no trick to installing the Housewise in your home. That’s because you wouldn’t have to do anything except contact your local Bryant dealer. They would dispatch a technician to your home to take care of that task for you. Afterward the technician would walk you through the set-up phase, answering any questions you might have and making sure you knew exactly how to handle this eminently user-friendly smart device.

Whether you’re controlling it virtually or by direct interface, the Housewise is as convenient to use as it is sophisticated in its operations. Encased inside a sleek, black, polished frame that mounts inconspicuously on the wall, the Housewise touch screen features high-res graphics and gives instantaneous access to a wide range of data display or programming options, all of which are easy to understand and use.

Housewise Equals Wise Use

According to one study, the average Bryant Housewise user can expect a 20 percent drop in heating-and-cooling-related energy costs after installing this innovative thermostat and giving it full command over their HVAC equipment. This is a significant savings that makes the Housewise one of the safer investments you could ever hope to find.

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