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What Is The Difference Between A Furnace And A Heat Pump?

Heat pump is a general term for heat circulating or transferring devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. They covert mechanical energy into thermal energy, which is not the case with furnaces. This is made possible with the help of special fluids referred to as refrigerants.

Unlike furnaces, heat pumps can be used to either heat or lower the temperatures in the atmosphere, depending on the desired output. Furnaces can only be used to produce heat. They drive energy from several sources such as natural gas, wood, coal, fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas. Examples of furnaces include kilns, boilers and ovens.

Heat pumps can heat up your home without releasing dirt into the environment. In fact, some of the latest heat pumps are equipped with filters that purify the air. They are also quite convenient and take up very little space. Heat pumps are also very affordable as compared to other heating devices and come with a promise of long service.

Using a furnace in your home may require you to get additional equipment such as burners, blowers and a thermostat. Burners and blowers ensure that the furnace burns for a longer duration of time. Current thermostats make use of digital technology and can effectively control household temperatures; this can help you to reduce fuel costs and cut down on your electricity bill.

The major advantage of a furnace is that they can provide heat by burning coal, wood and gas. In fact, some are electric. Overall, heat pumps prove to be better alternatives as compared to furnaces. The major differences are outlined below:

1. A heat pump can be used to either lower or increase temperatures whereas a furnace can only be used to provide heat.

2. In as much as one may opt for a furnace to increase temperatures, they may need to purchase a heat pump when temperatures are too high.

3. A furnace can operate on a variety of sources of heat. However, heat pumps used limited sources.

4. Heat pumps cost relatively more than furnaces.

5. Heat pumps, when compared to electric furnaces, can provide a huge relief on the electric bill as they use less electricity.

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