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Five Home Cooling Myths Everyone Needs To Know

In an attempt to be comfortable regardless of the outside weather, many homeowners fall victim to several HVAC myths. Some of these myths can cause homeowners to do unnecessary spending. Typically, homeowners are desperate to find relief, so they are quick to spend money on fans, additional electricity, and new air conditioning systems.

It is important that people know the truth about the myths that are floating around out there. One of the HVAC myths informs people that fans will help to keep rooms cool. Actually, a fan can only keep body temperatures down. The air that is forced over the skin helps an individual to feel cooler in hotter temperatures. Fans can only help regulate body temperature, not the actual room temperature.

Another myth floating around is the one that encourages people to leave their A/C units running while not at home. By leaving an A/C on, many people believe their home will maintain a cool temperature and save energy. The theory is that the unit will have to work harder to cool a warm home and the unit will require more energy to do it. Programmable thermostats are the perfect cure for this energy sapping myth.

The third myth people fall for is the theory that an A/C is only for cooling. Air conditioners work hard to reduce humidity in addition to cooling inside temperatures. When the humidity is high the temperatures will feel hotter. Some homeowners find relief by using an additional dehumidifier, which actually helps to lower energy costs.

Turning the thermostat temperature to a lower setting with the intention of the A/C cooling the home faster is another myth. Basically, interior temperatures lower steadily, until they meet the thermostat setting. Since the A/C unit will cool at a steady pace regardless of thermostat setting, it is wise to set the thermostat at a comfortable setting, and forget it.

The fifth myth is that a larger unit is needed when in reality, an A/C unit could benefit from being cleaned, serviced, or moved to a shadier area. It can really pay off to try every option before purchasing a new and larger unit. Knowing the truth to these, and other myths can help home and business owners find comfort, without wasting time and money on products and higher energy costs.

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