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Myths About Air Conditioning

There are many air conditioning myths out there. Here are a few of the most common ones.


Cranking Your AC Up High Will Cool Rooms Faster

This is just a myth. In matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if you have the thermostat set at the lowest number, it will still cool rooms down at the same rate. If you want to cool down your home as fast as possible, then set the thermostat at a medium setting.


You Can Automatically Reduce Your Electric Bill By Buying An Energy Efficient AC

This is another myth, and it is a costly one because many people rush out to purchase an AC that is considered to be energy efficient. The truth is that this type of air conditioner will help, but when it comes to efficiency, the size is extremely important. You want to avoid buying a larger unit than what you need, because buying a bigger unit isn’t going to cool your home faster, and buying a bigger energy efficient unit isn’t going to automatically reduce your electric bill. The key is to purchase a unit that is the proper size for the room it will be used in.

Your AC will Perform The Same Regardless Of Where It Is Installed

This is a commonly believed myth, but the truth is that installation is key when it comes to how efficient your AC will perform. For example, your unit could end up running longer than it has to if you decide to install the thermostat near a television or lights. These generate heat that the thermostat can sense, so it is in your best interest to install the thermostat in a shaded area.


Leave A Ceiling Fan On, As It Will Cool A Room Even If Nobody Is In It

This is a myth and a waste of energy. Something many people don’t realize is that fans cool people down and not rooms. Fans do not lower a room’s temperature, as it only creates a breeze.

As you can see, there are many myths when it comes to AC units. Now you know some of the most common ones.


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