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What Kind Of Air Conditioner Is Ideal For You?

We can hardly get by without air conditioners and there are more than a good number of varieties in air conditioner types that you will happen to come across. So, some basic knowledge of the particularities and differences of these types will help you decide which kind will be best suited to your purposes.

You must have heard a lot about split ACs and ductless ACs. Both refer to the same 2-unit systems which are widely used at homes and commercial premises alike. In the most common variety of split ACs, the internal unit which houses the evaporator components is installed indoors, whereas the external unit which discharges the warm air outside is located in the exterior. These units are meant for large spaces and are comfortable and efficient. They are also used in spaces where there are no windows to fit in a windows AC.

Another common variety in split AC is the Tower AC. These units stand on the floor, so they take up some floor space. But these are high capacity cooling systems and are ideal for larger rooms, halls, etc. In both these varieties, the internal and external units are connected via electric cables and drain pipes.

The other common type in air conditioners is what is called the unitary systems. These units comprise of a single compact box that houses all the necessary refrigerant components. The most common variety in unitary units is the windows AC.

Another variety that you will get in the unitary system is the Portable AC. Portable versions are pretty much the same as the window ACs in terms of design and operation but with the difference that there is no need to install these units on wall or windows. They can be placed on the floor and there is a hose vent that releases the heated air outside.

These different types come with different specificities and it is recommended that you are well informed about these before you make your purchase. For professional guidance on what type of AC will be ideal for your needs, please give us a call and we will be happy to come to your assistance.