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What Not to Do When Buying a New AC or Furnace

When it’s time for a new AC or furnace, you are gearing up for a major home purpose. The new unit will impact your monthly utility bills and can either be a smooth transition or a disaster. To avoid the latter, learn from the mistakes some people make when buying a new unit:

• Choosing the first offer.

As with any major purchase, shopping around for the best deal only benefits you. Sure, it takes a little more time, but if you settle for the first offer you get, it’s likely you are not getting the best deal. Not all HVAC contracts are the same and neither are the AC and furnace units. By spending a little time getting comfortable with what is available, you will get just what you need at the best possible price.

• Trusting an untrustworthy contractor.

Never go with any contractor, HVAC or otherwise, until you are comfortable and feel you can trust the service. Vet any contractor before accepting an estimate by checking references, making sure they are insured and bonded, and checking with the Better Business Bureau.

• Going with the lowest price.

You’re looking for the best deal and a way to stretch your dollar, but when it comes to AC and furnace installation, the lowest price is usually not the best deal in the end. You will pay more for a higher efficiency unit, but you will save money later by cutting your energy bills. Spending more on the installation may also mean savings later because cheap installation probably comes with cut corners and shoddy workmanship.

• Forgetting about maintenance.

To keep an AC or furnace working at peak performance requires regular maintenance. Dirt and debris build up over time in units and cause damage that is difficult to reverse. Don’t make the mistake of refusing a maintenance contract because you want to save money now. Not getting regular maintenance will cost you money later as your unit starts losing efficiency and parts are destroyed by getting clogged and dirty.

• Selecting the wrong size AC or furnace.

Knowing what type and size of unit you need for your home is crucial. Choosing one that is the wrong size can lead to damage and inefficient heating and cooling that costs you money. Make sure you know what size you need and that your contractor double checks your unit before installing it.

A new AC or furnace unit is a big purchase that will have a big impact on your bills and your home. Don’t make decisions lightly, and learn from these mistakes.

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