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Air Conditioning – Consider the Noise Factor


Are you ready to deal with the hot summer? We hope you are, and we also know, as you do, that the key to feeling comfortable throughout those summer months is having a nice, efficient air conditioner.
Maybe you’re going to consider a change in the AC system or method you are using. Perhaps you want to make some additions or adjustments. That’s fine, but we just want you to know about a factor that may not be on the top of the list when it comes to considerations.
That factor is noise.
That’s right, noise. How much do you consider the amount of noise your air conditioner is going to make?
Well, you should. Remember that if you elect to go with a wall unit or one that is positioned through a window, that unit is going to make some noise inside your house. This is going to affect a number of things:
— You are going to have to turn up the TV volume to hear it better, and that may disturb other people in the house, or even (ugh!) your neighbors. With the units that are loudest, this can be a big distraction.
— If you have one of those cell phones that is super sensitive to the background noise (and yes, they exist), that noise is going to be heard, perhaps prominently, by the person on the other end of the line.
— It could just bother you in general. There are a lot of people who just don’t like to hear that kind of noise going on all the time.
The same can hold true if you have elected to use a portable air conditioner somewhere in the house. These units can be positioned in different places, as long as you can extend the hose to the outside.
Central air is quieter on the inside, of course, but you will encounter much more noise on the outside, because that is where the compressor is going to be located. The simple fact is that some of them make a LOT more noise than others, and you’ll have to know whether that is going to bother anyone around you.
If you have decided (already, or after having read this piece) that noise is indeed a factor in your AC choices, you may be relieved to know that there is some help, in the way of the disclosure of decibel ratings on the compressors and blowers you’ll find.
Can you hear us?


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