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An HVAC Maintenance Agreement is Great for Home Owners

It’s easy for first time home owners to forget to do some things around the house. However, that should be no excuse not to schedule important tasks such as heater maintenance. The easiest way to remember this is to arrange a maintenance agreement with your professional HVAC service contractor. That will eliminate the need to pencil it into your own schedule. The heating service technician will simply remember it for you. Regular maintenance is the best way to ward off the need to have new heater installation longer than might otherwise be the case.

Of course, prolonging the life of your heating system is just one reason to have professional heater maintenance. Another reason would be to keep the comfort system of your home running at its most efficient best. That adds up to savings on energy bills and money in your pocket. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

With dollar signs dancing around in your head, you may be interested in knowing some other methods for saving money around the house. Since we are already talking about heating service, let’s address some other things that can be done to help you get the most from your energy dollars.

Even though your professional HVAC service technician will clean or change the filter during yearly heater maintenance, you should do this every month as well. The reason for this is that as dirt and dust collect in the filter it reduces air flow. Reduced air flow causes the system to run longer and work harder than it should to perform up to your expectations. Simply cleaning the filter goes a long way in saving on energy bills.

It’s easy for anyone to forget the little things that can make a big difference, but you should make a concerted effort to remember to turn down the heater thermostat before leaving home. There is no reason to keep the house the same comfortable temperature you love during the day when no one is home. Turning it down is one of the easiest ways to make your energy budget go farther.

There are lots of other ways you can reduce the cost of keeping your home comfortable, even during cold winter months. Putting on a sweater instead of turning up the heat is one of them. It may take some time to get used to the responsibilities inherent with being a home owner, but there is no better feeling than the pride one gets from doing this right.

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