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Broken And Leaking Pipes Can Result From Changing Temperatures

With the changing seasons comes a change in temperature. Unfortunately, as seasonal temperatures rise and fall, pipes will also expand and contract, often leading to breakage and leaks. Water pipes leading to your home are buried underground; however, as temperatures plummet below freezing, then rise again, the soil will expand and contract with the temperature changes, often causing a shift in the soil and possible burst or cracked pipes requiring professional home utility maintenance. Homeowners experience the same type of damage with their HVAC equipment. With the rise and fall of seasonal temperature changes, machinery of all types will be susceptible to damage from pipes that have burst. Water in pipes can easily freeze as temperatures dip down below freezing. As water nears the freezing point, it also expands and this expanding water puts tremendous pressure on your pipes. Eventually, with enough pressure, your pipes can burst leading to leaks and water damage that can create numerous problems with your home and equipment. Unfortunately, some leaks can occur without a homeowner even knowing there is a problem; at least, not until there is already extensive water damage requiring expensive repairs. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to perform quality A/C maintenance, including inspecting your equipment for signs of trouble and ensuring it is functioning properly. Whether it is a burst pipe or other HVAC problem, making sure your equipment is ready for the season is an important part of maintaining your air conditioning system. With a little HVAC troubleshooting and professional HVAC repairs, when needed, it is possible to protect your home and ensure your have reliable cooling this summer. When you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, prompt HVAC troubleshooting and repairs can help minimize the damage of broken pipes, both to your equipment and your home. Undetected leaks from burst pipes can quickly escalate into huge repair bills if left unattended. The best time to take care of these problems is before they create even more damage. Fortunately, an experienced HVAC technician will be able to provide a thorough inspection of your equipment and determine if there is a problem.

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