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Enjoy Your Comfort This Coming Winter By Having A Preseason Heater Check


The winter comes with a lot of cold that needs to be neutralized by enough heat emanating from a properly working heating system. When this season sets in, you may not be able to handle furnace repairs quickly and effectively. This is why you need a preseason heater check performed by a professional. The season drags for several months, which means you need to have a working system that will serve you dutifully all that long.

No matter the type of system you have in your home, constant use means that there will be wear and tear on various parts. Running your heating system is similar to running any other machine: the more it operates, the faster it will wear out. This is why it is necessary to have your heating system checked before winter begins to resolve any problems and assure you of a comfortable winter.


What Happens During Inspection and Tuneup of Your Heating System?

Cleaning Up the System

Your system will be pressure washed to remove any gravel and grime that may have built up with constant use. Your heating system may have also collected a lot of debris that can affect the way the system functions. When these are removed, then you end up with a clean system that will give you the service you deserve.

Checking the Filter

There are various features of your filter that need to be checked during the inspection and tuneup of your heating system. The following aspects of the filter will be checked:
• Dirt: your filter will be checked whether it contains any dirt and grime, which the main suspects when it comes to clogging the system. Any debris will be removed and the filter changed.
• Color: normal filters are supposed to be white, gray or cream in color. When debris is caught in the filter, the color may end up changing to a darker or any other color other than the one mentioned above. The technician will decide the best step to take.
• The duration of use: the technician who changed the filter last time must have written the date using a marker. This will enable the technician know how long it has been in use and change it if the filter has been in use for more than four months.
You need to understand that a dirty or clogged filter makes the system perform less efficiently. This is why the filter is a component that receives a lot of concentration when it comes to routine heating maintenance.

Few things are as distressing as waiting for a taste of the winter cold before thinking about getting a professional to do a routine heating maintenance job for you. You need to also understand thatat this time the technicians are in high demand so you need to move fast.

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