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How To Lower Your Cooling Bill This Summer


Staying cool during those blistering hot summer days might seem hard to do, especially when you want to keep your power bill down as well. You can stay cool and keep that bill down when you know what you need to do. Whether you have an energy efficient unit or you haven’t upgraded yet, these tips will help you to stay comfy and stress free.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

By moving the air and keeping it cooled you can help take some of the strain off of your ac unit. These fans do not take as much energy as the AC unit might. Be sure to use these fans to move your air around and help you to reduce the time your AC unit is running.

Clean Filters

Make sure you change out your air filters regularly. These filters can cause your unit to work harder than it has to. Be sure that you keep a reminder in a prominent place so that you can make sure your unit does not have to work harder than it should. You will be able to have clean fresh air without putting too much strain on your unit.

Use Your Blinds

By keeping the shade and blinds closed you can reduce the heat coming in your home. You can keep the cool air in and the hot air out. This will block the sun so your home won’t heat up as much. There are some blinds or curtains you can purchase that are made specifically for that purpose.

Programmable Thermostat

These are a great addition to your home when you want to save on your energy bills. Program the thermostat to settings that keep your home comfortable while you are there and at a reasonable temperature when you are away. There’s no reason to keep it running if you aren’t at home. These are great for work weeks and vacations to keep your bills down but your home is comfortable when you arrive back home.

Upgrade to an energy efficient unit

This is something to consider when it’s time to upgrade your cooling unit. There are several great products out there that help you get the most out of your cooling without costing too much. It helps you to be energy efficient and have a comfy home.

Check insulation and seals

Be sure that all your windows and doors are sealed properly. By making sure your home is sealed correctly you can prevent losing energy and cool air out of your windows. This is important for when you want to reduce your energy bills.

These tips will help you make the most out of your summer without spending an arm and a leg on the energy bills. Be sure to put these tips into play when you are preparing for those hot summer months. These tips will keep you cool and keep money in your pocket instead of going out the door. Relax and rest easy knowing your power bill will be manageable and your home will stay cool.

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