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How To Prepare Your Gas Furnace For The Winter

Right before the cold weather sets in, it is a good idea to take a look at your personal heating system to make sure that it is in working order.

Typically, gas furnaces are located in non living sections in the house. Depending on your home, you may find your heating system in the basement, attic, or closet. Regular maintenance will make sure that your furnace is in good condition, and stable enough to provide you with the comfortable warmth that you will need.

Look for several warning signs that your gas furnace may need to be fixed. Is the unit making strange noises? Can you see any signs of water underneath the boiler? Even a small drip can eventually turn into a large problem. Is the overall area clean? Is there a carbon monoxide detector present nearby? If you have checked all of these conditions and found a problem, then it is highly recommended to call a professional.

Even people who are handy around the home are better off with hiring a licensed and certified technician, like Mick’s Heating & Air in Santa Ana, CA. A professional is simply better equipped to to identify and work with the issues that may plague your heating system. The professional will be able to work with the electrical power in order to look through his or her own personal check list of specifications to make sure that the heater is working as it should. This includes working with the gas pressures and the related safeties, the air filters, the fan belt, the thermocouples, the thermostat setting and contacts, as well as the individual burners, controls, and radiator connections that make sure that the heat from the furnace gets into your home as wanted.

Typically, the repair and maintenance service will take roughly an hour, and most companies will charge a flat fee for the visit and rate per hour for any type of work that needs to be done. Replacement parts will typically cost extra, but will help homeowners save in the long run by ensuring the working condition of their furnaces.

Homeowners are encouraged to perform several preventative checks in order to stop problems from developing as the colder seasons settle in. It is important to keep a close eye on the water pressure reading of the boiler. It should always be between twelve and fifteen pounds per square inch, and if there is deviation in either direction, call a specialist immediately. Additionally, it is important for homeowners to be aware of any debris that may be blocking the furnace’s flue pipes. Look for snow drifts and nests, and clear them out immediately to prevent future problems. Keep an eye on the thermostat setting as well, and always make sure that at least a little bit of heat stays in your pipes to prevent them from freezing.

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