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Room Characteristics That Affect Air Conditioning Performance

Before you decide to buy an air conditioner, there are a couple of things that you will need to go over. You need to determine how often you will be using it, what size you need to get and what sort of air conditioning will suit your home the best. There are a lot of different types and models out there now. Brands include Carrier, RUUD and Lennox, all with their own specific characteristics that make them unique. Another thing that you need to factor in, however, is the characteristics of your room and how they are going to affect the performance of your air conditioning unit. Air conditioners, and particularly their thermostats, can be very sensitive to the environment and their performance can be affected by a number of things that you may not have realized.

You may not think it, but sunlight can affect the performance of your air conditioner. If the room gets too hot due to direct sunlight, your air conditioner could end up working overtime. This means that you will be spending a lot more money on electricity in order to keep the system running. The thermostat is going to sense the heat and will therefore want to create more cool air in order to keep the temperature at an acceptable level. An air conditioner working overtime is going to need more repairs and will experience more breakdowns. This can be easily remedied, however. All you need to do is make sure that you keep as much sunlight out of the room as you can. A lot of people like to put shades on their windows or use shutters during the hottest part of the day.

If there is a lot of dust in the air, then your air conditioner is going to end up catching some of it. Air conditioners will usually have a filter, and one that needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. The filter is there to ensure that clean air is circulated throughout the room. As well as this, it will try to catch as much of the dust and prevent it from getting into the system. This is not always going to happen, however, and if your room is dusty then your system can end up getting clogged. A clogged system is going to use up more energy to produce less of an affect. You can remedy this issue by simply cleaning out your air conditioner on a regular basis.

Room Size
The size of your room is going to have to match the size of the air conditioner in terms of British thermal units, or BTUs. An air conditioner that does not provide a sufficient level of cool air is not going to cool the room effectively. If you are unsure about what size air conditioner you need, make sure to get the measurements of your room. A sales assistant will be able to look over this for you and find out what the best model is.

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