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Routine AC Maintenance: What to Do and Why

Schedule a Clean & Check of Your HVAC System

Although it is not commonly known and is routinely ignored, heating and air conditioning equipment of any kind should receive annual servicing by a licensed professional. Ideally, heating systems should be scheduled for their yearly checkup each fall while getting cooling systems tested in the spring. Considering the majority of systems are manufactured to sustain a twelve to fifteen year lifespan, keeping equipment well up to date with proper maintenance means reduced utility bills with crucial actions in aiding the longevity of the system. So you are recommended to schedule a clean & check of your HVAC system. With the right air conditioner preventative maintenance, units can last as long as fifteen to twenty years.


Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Checklist

-Clean air filters frequently and change them routinely. This will ensure indoor air can be kept clean while also preventing the air conditioning unit from needing to work harder.

-With the routine maintenance of your AC, you can check refrigerant levels for balance to keep up efficiency. Even the slightest offset can decrease a system’s efficiency.

-Inspect evaporator and condenser coils and clean them, even if they are only covered with a little dust, so condensers do not continue running longer than they ordinarily would.

– Proper maintenance means reduced utility bills ensuring the thermostat is kept cleaned, leveled, and calibrated for consistent ideal energy usage.

-Pay attention to the on and off cycling of the unit and conduct a quick investigate if there are any inconsistencies. Then, schedule a clean & check of your HVAC system.

-Keep an eye on connections and wires associated with the system as frays or damaged connections can lead to trouble with the unit.

-Check drains and tubing and clean when needed to keep water from backing up into the system or around the location of the unit and ensure air can pass freely through the blower.


Routine Maintenance of Your AC

Proper maintenance means reduced utility bills, longer operating life spans for equipment, and less financial burdens for customers. Many homeowners that stay on top of simple regular maintenance to their systems and report any abnormalities right away tend to possess equipment that lasts years beyond the original expected expiration dates. Oftentimes, minor details affecting the overall efficiency of a unit are overlooked or put off far too long can cause an entire breakdown or loss of a system. So, you are suggested to schedule a clean & check of your HVAC system because with the ideal air conditioner preventative maintenance, small problems that are found & corrected right away are far too beneficial to be ignored and can generate a load of savings when it comes to your HVAC system’s annual examination.


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