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Schedule a Precision Tune-up for your AC

It is important for homeowners to schedule a precision tune-up for their air conditioning system at least once a year. To keep your unit in excellent running condition, this is an important step to take. Homeowners will be able to feel secure that their unit is running properly and will continue to function during the hot summer months.

Many homeowners do not even think about tuning up their air conditioner but it is an important step. A tune-up will catch any problems that may be starting with your unit and they will allow the technician to monitor how your unit is running. Problems can be caught early so homeowners will not have to pay for expensive repairs in the future.

A tune-up requires many steps by a certified technician. A technician will start out by asking you a series of questions about your unit. This will help the technician be able to determine if any problems do exist. The technician will check the inside portion of your central air conditioning unit first with parts such as the return, ventilation and the thermostat. It is important to make sure that your thermostat is working properly and cutting off and on as it should. The technician will also check the filtering system to determine if the airways are clear and the filter is clean.

The technician will then move outside to the outdoor portion of your unit. The technician will see if the unit is clear of debris, dirt and dust to ensure the unit is able to function. The technician will then open the unit guard and see if the parts are in good working order. The drain pans need to be clearing properly and all electrical components need to be connected as they should be. A technician will also test the refrigerant levels to make sure that your unit has enough and is not running low.

After a good through check, the technician will then be able to tell you how the unit is running. The technician will go over any potential problems with you and estimate the cost of repairs if needed. The tune-up does cost a small fee but it is well worth it. It is better to pay a small fee for a checkup each year than to have to pay hundreds for repairs or thousands for a new unit.

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