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Several States Are Initiating Movements Toward Improving Energy Efficiency

Large scale efforts are taking place to increase energy efficiency by governors in several states. State governors are at the forefront of improving energy efficiency rules and standards to benefit commercial operations, residential consumers, and state expenditures. Participating governors have formed a unified front to advance energy efficiency for nonparticipating states to follow. Governors have taken an approach that helps every sector to increase energy efficiency. The effort is proven to be successful energy savings noted in statistics provided by http://www.nga.org/. Governors are looking at the big picture by considering the health and longevity of the environment regarding advance energy efficiency. Governors start with the infrastructure to help consumers lower their energy costs while encouraging businesses to adopt better practices towards energy efficiency by providing incentives. States are also working on eliminating the need for additional power plants that will lessen state expenditures.

Governors are not working alone. States rely heavily on research and development with local universities and outside resources with the goal of saving energy and the costs associated with usage. State governors have recognized the need for proper planning with specific goals to successfully carry out this mission. Each state governor has the task of identifying the key areas that have the highest energy output and cost. Governors commonly use assessments and audits of energy to prioritize their focus. Fortunately there are state funded programs that assist with controlling energy by assisting with the replacement of outdated energy systems or appliances to help with better energy efficiency. Programs dedicated to energy efficiency allow incentives to bring residents and consumers on board the effort.

System reliability cannot go unnoticed. State governors are researching ways to maintain energy through a major crisis or any other event that would threaten energy availability. Governors are looking ahead to ensure that their efforts will maintain the livelihood of future generations. State governors currently working toward energy efficiency are setting the bar for the remaining states to join this exceptional movement. The progress is noticeable with significant savings and spending regarding energy efficiency in several states. State regulations and standards are incorporated on a regular basis to enforce energy efficiency. The amazing work by the governors of each state is bound to bring the nonparticipating states up to par to make energy efficiency a country wide effort.

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