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Tips To Fix Your AC When It Freezes

When the summer months arrive, we are all thankful for the air conditioning systems in our homes. There is no better feeling than coming inside after being out in the blazing hot sun and feeling nice and cool. It is important for home owners to make sure that they take care to maintain their AC units so they are ready to operate during the summer months. but despite even the best care, problems can happen. One such instance, that seems quite odd, is freezing. Your unit can freeze or the pipes can freeze which will leave you with out an AC! Below are a few tips to fix your AC when it freezes.

Assess The Damage
First you will need to assess the damage to your unit. If you see that your pipes are frozen, you will need to turn the unit to the FAN setting. This will turn the compressor off and will prevent any further damage to your unit. This will bring warmer air to the lines and this will help your unit thaw out. Now you are ready to check to see why the unit is frozen and try to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

Check Points
Start with your filter. If you find that you have a dirty filter, this may be why your unit froze up. The air flow will be decreased and this can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. Simply change out the filter and allow the unit to thaw before using.
Another reason your unit may be frozen is the air temperature. When temperatures drop below 60 degrees at night, the AC system should be turned off. If you do not turn the unit off and it continues to run, this can cause the unit to freeze up. Be sure to check the weather as the seasons begin to change so you can turn your air conditioning system off for the night accordingly.

Professional Help
If you have checked both of these options and neither seems to be the problem, then it is time to contact a professional. A HVAC service technician will need to assess your unit and determine the problem, which is most likely complex. The unit could be leaking Freon and a technician will be able to handle this issue. A leak of this nature can be dangerous if it is not cleaned up. A quality technician who is reputable and knowledgeable will be able to help you in this process and have your unit up and running in no time.

It is most important that you make sure to turn off the air conditioning system once you discover that it is frozen. If you keep the unit running, you will burn out the compressor. This can mean a major repair or replacement which you may not be able to afford. Follow these steps to make sure that your unit is taken care of and repaired as quickly as possible.

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