Air Conditioning – Consider the Noise Factor

  Are you ready to deal with the hot summer? We hope you are, and we also know, as you do, that the key to feeling comfortable throughout those summer months is having a nice, efficient air conditioner. Maybe you’re going to consider a change […]

Change your AC Thermostat to save money

Homeowners who want to save money with their air conditioning system can do so by making a few changes. One change that can be made is to change the thermostat in your home. Older homes usually have a standard thermostat that can only change the […]

Pay a little; Get a lot with an AC Maintenance Plan

Every homeowner knows that a new air conditioning system installation is a major investment. However, many do not treat their system as an investment. It is important to protect your investment by servicing the unit on a regular basis. Investing further in your unit is […]

Schedule a Precision Tune-up for your AC

It is important for homeowners to schedule a precision tune-up for their air conditioning system at least once a year. To keep your unit in excellent running condition, this is an important step to take. Homeowners will be able to feel secure that their unit […]